Harini Srinivasan is the author of The Curse of Anuganga, novellas: Ek Confusing Love Story, Death at Arcade Emporia, a children’s book, The Wizard Tales- Adventures of Bun-Bun and several short stories.

Her upcoming books include a rom-com, The Ex Factor, and a historical detective fiction, The Pataliputra Murders.


Latest Releases

Meet Oindrilla Roy, a spunky, young professional as she goes through the twists in her life

A historical detective mystery set in Ancient India; circa 403 CE in the Vakataka-Gupta empire

Arcade Emporia, a society in the suburb of Gurgaon, is rocked by a suicide one spring morning…

Meet the author

Harini Srinivasan

A former civil servant, she is an editor & a content management professional by day, and an author by night and can be found multitasking most of the time. An aficionado of old Hindi cinema, dance and books, she lives in Gurgaon with her family.

Her short stories include The Unintended Boyfriend, New Beginnings, Arjun’s Wife, How I Met Him and When Love Comes Calling.

In 2020, during the lockdown, she contributed to a crowdsourced story, The Last Ones. About loneliness and human connections, the story was built chapter by chapter by writers across the world, brought together by the power of storytelling.